Here at the Bellsnyder Group we feel that any public campaign — be it political, advocacy or fundraising — hinges on the individual personality at the heart of its mission and goals. Read more...

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Campaigns, like anything else, benefit from experience. Having the advice, assistance or benefit of those who have experienced the various phases of a campaign is critical to your success. Read more...

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In 2010, Suzanne Bellsnyder had a hunch.  This hunch told her that a Hispanic candidate named John Garza running in a marginally winnable race could actually win.
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The Bellsnyder Group: Campaign Solutions that Start with You

The Bellsnyder Group

A campaign must start and end uniquely with you. The problem with the political consulting business is they treat all candidates the same, not as individuals. Success in this business is defined not by the ability of a consultant to deliver a successful campaign that highlights the individual candidates’ talents and passions; but by the consultant’s ability to “set ‘em up and knock ‘em down.”

Now make no mistake, we like to win. But we know there are no tricks or short cuts to winning the confidence of voters. Individuals don’t vote for a campaign strategy; they vote for a person - someone they like, admire, and someone they can easily relate to. They don’t support a cause; they support specific people at the core of that cause. People give their hard-earned money to individuals they feel can make a difference.

Understanding this is what sets us apart. Yes, all campaigns must communicate a persuasive message to people who will vote, but the essential questions are what that message is, and how closely it compliments the individual. If no two candidates are exactly the same then why are candidates made to sound the same? Creating a generic candidate and a generic campaign is a formula for failure.

The Bellsnyder Group solution starts and ends uniquely with you. “I’ve always strived to be different from other strategic, consulting and fundraising firms in Texas,” says Suzanne Bellsnyder, founder and 25-year plus veteran consultant, fundraiser and former Chief of Staff to Republican Senator Florence Shapiro. “A campaign is only as unique as the individual or cause it represents, and we make it our everyday mission to go beyond the standard cookie-cutter approach. If I don’t believe that my candidate offers something special, who will?”

Unfortunately too many turn-key political, advocacy or fundraising efforts construct generic, cookie-cutter campaigns with no individual passion, flair or personality--which explains why they are so unsuccessful or marginally so.  They all offer more of the same.  “I know and understand the Texas legislative process and the Texas political scene having worked every aspect of it for almost 25 years,” says Suzanne. “What I have learned more than anything else is that every candidate offers something different. You have to be able to showcase these differences in order to be successful.”

The Bellsnyder Group founded by Suzanne Bellsnyder in 2004 is a complete turnkey operation. It offers full comprehensive political services and campaign strategies including issue advocacy and analysis, grassroots, coalition building, legislative understanding, event planning and fundraising.  The Bellsnyder Group is here to assist you. The Bellsnyder Group takes the frills out of the campaign and puts the you back in. 

Please take a moment to learn more about us and about our philosophy.  Read samples from our case studies that demonstrate what we can do, and what our track record is. And please contact us to discuss how we can start showcasing you and your individual cause.

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